The Lushan Resistance is a movement created by Tenshi Keramat from the remains of the Apis Resistance and the Kuanglu Rebellion.

Name Lushan Resistance
Type Military; Guerrilla
Leader Tenshi Keramat
Date of Foundation May 10, 2737
Headquarters Mount Lu
Political Ideology Democratic Liberalism
Theme Song
Lost Autumn - Anthem For The Weak

Lost Autumn - Anthem For The Weak


The Lushan Resistance is an anti-Gautama guerrilla that rules the region of Mount Lu in Jiangxi.


While training at Mount Lu, Tenshi Keramat found out that a purge was going to be executed at the jiangxi city of Jiujiang and offered aid to the local resistance. By uniting the remains of the Apis Resistance's materiel and the skills of the Kuanglu Rebels, he created a new guerrilla, named the Lushan Resistance.

Known Ranks



Air Fortresses



The Purge of Jiujiang

The Lushan Resistance was the main force of the Jiujiang's only two defense forces during its purge, the other being the Jiangxi Military. The resistance fought the troops of Gautama, killing a large quantity of them and leaving several injured (including Mephisto Vílles), but weren't able to stop the purge as the military vessel Glory of Ares fired its cannons over the city, completely destroying it.

The remaining forces of the Jiangxi Military joined the resistance as without the city, Jiangxi was lost.

Strike at Fuzhou

An assault team of the resistance, leaded by Tenshi Keramat, infiltrated the Glory of Ares through the city of Fuzhou, where Tenshi fought Mephisto Villes a second time, compromising the ship's integrity and causing it to explode over the city, destroying it almost completely. The government of Fujian swore loyalty to Gautama the next day.

The only known survivors among the thousands aboard the ship at the time of its explosion were: Tenshi Keramat, Ignis Natus and Tenma Kazegami.

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