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The electoral division of Lylecity is a division of the Georgeland House of Commons, based around the central business district and inner suburbs of the East Mainland city of the same name. The division is one of the 120 original House of Commons seats, being created for the first general election in 1891. The seat's political status has changed over time with changing demographics - though originally a safe Conservative seat, Lylecity became a safe independent seat in the 1960s and a Democratic seat in the 1980s and 1990s. The seat has become increasingly marginal and is now one of the most marginal in the country as the city's more affluent population gravitate towards the city centre.
The seat was represented by Magnus Noonan II from 1960 to 1983 and his son, Magnus Noonan from 1983 to 2009 - a total of nearly fifty years. Magnus Noonan III's twenty-six year term is the longest in the seat's history. The current MP is Eleanor Benson.

List of Members of Parliament for Lylecity[]

  1. Jack Sutton (Independent) 1891-1899
  2. Thomas McLeod (Conservative) 1899-1906
  3. John McLeod (Conservative) 1906-1920
  4. Donald Hope (Independent) 1920-1924
  5. John McLeod (Conservative) 1924-1933
  6. William Colby (Conservative) 1933-1942
  7. Howard Jones (Labour) 1942-1950
  8. Freddie Grant (Conservative) 1950-1954
  9. Kenneth Walsh (Labour) 1954-1958
  10. Jack Marshall (Conservative) 1958-1960
  11. Magnus Noonan II (Independent) 1960-1983
  12. Magnus Noonan (Democratic) 1983-2009
  13. Eleanor Benson (Liberal Democrat 2009-