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Mắccốc, simplified to Maccoc in the West, is the advanced radar system used in the Grand Yarphese Republic. It has capabilities for virtually unlimited observation, although the more distance, the weaker the signals. Practically, the radar system can range up to 8,000 km accurately. The technology is currently active on OIS naval forteresses, Khuâyđầy Platform, Fort Cardamom, and several other installations peppered throughout Yarphei. It is known worldwide for its ability to track almost any stealth plane from thousands of miles away, and its accuracy. However, the Vietnamese Liberation Army maintains that the technology would be kept a military secret, due to the current belligerent state of the world.


The technology is different from most other radar systems in that it involves two pulses rather than one. First, a modified microwave is sent out. It interacts with surrounding particles, but it does not do damage to living tissue. While the particles affected stay affected, a second radio wave is sent out. This radio wave will bounce off affected particles much better than normal particles, so thus it is ensured that an accurate image is portrayed. Should the object observed be a moving object, the second radio wave will bounce off non-affected particles, and thus the receiver would receive weaker signals from that direction. Occasionally, the technology would be used in conjunction with infrared technology to track human beings.


The technology was discovered in 2000 at the University of Singapore, where it continues to be studied today, although it is studied externally to prevent the technology from being stolen by enemies. The radar was used during the Second Thai Invasion to track ships invading from Phuket. During the 2010 Yarphese War, it was used at Khuâyđầy Platform in case of an invasion, and it worked successfully when its entire personnel of 128,000 were evacuated to safety before an Everetti bombing. As a member of the Asian Free Trade Agreement, the East Asian Federation has been allowed access to the technology, but without complete elucidation. In addition, Yarphei has recently released the technology to Organization of Independent States governments for use in defense of Organization of Independent States countries, in preparation for possible impending war.