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Maaveden kunta
Area 229.82 km²
as of

Maavesi is a municipality in Western Savonia, Finland, Ugrian Union. The municipalities surrounding it are Kuvansi, Joroinen, Virtasalmi, Pieksämäki and Jäppilä Rural Municipality.

The municipality has three areas with dense population: Maavesi (ca. 4,000 inhabitants), Siikamäki (3,200) and Huutokoski (3,300).

The population density is characterized by the First Normal Railway of Finland, and the stations/stops on it, that are served by KSL trains. Those stations/stops are Varvikko, Siikamäki, Maavesi, Aholankylä and Huutokoski. The Huutokoski station is also a railway junction, with another railway going towards Varkaus.

Between Siikamäki and Maavesi, the railway passes through territory of Jäppilä Rural Municipality, and on that section there is a station too. However, this area will be absorbed into Maavesi in the beginning of 2010 AD, and thereafter the station will be also part of it.


  • Mustolankylä, 200
  • Aholankylä, 600
  • Savuniemi, 100
  • Kiekka, 200
  • Rantakylä, 100
  • Maavuskylä, 300
  • Etelä-Loukee, 100
  • Väärä, 100