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Machine Purge





Velara Galaxy


Eventual near-destruction of the Robots, devastation of countless worlds

Major battles

First Battle of Despayer, Final Showdown

  • The Ancients
  • Velara's Alliance

The Robots



The Machine Purge (1897-1904) was the most terryfying and bloody conflict in the Velara Galaxy's recorded history. All interstellar states participated in the war, obliged to by the relentless, massive onslaught of the Robots' Hypersteel Armada. While not in actual alliances, all of the states generally fought exclusively with the machines, unable and unwilling to spend forces to fight another ones.

After only a year of fighting, hundreds of worlds had been turned to ashes as the enormous Space Hulks advanced through opponents' defenses, wreaking havoc and bringing chaos to the galaxy. Most governments collapsed, and the casualties were counted in billions. Only a small packs of disorganized fleets continued the futile resistance. However, the tides of war turned unexpectedly in Year 1901, when the Ancients intervened.

With their awesome, unimaginable technology their revived the fallen states and helped them to fight back the merciless Robots. After 3 hard years of heavy warfare, the Hypersteel Armada was crippled by the forces of the united Velara's Alliance and the machines' capital world of Macchadon destroyed. With this illusory victory, the Machine Purge finally ended.