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Magic is a natural cosmic force that covers the entirety of existance. It is lorded over by Arcanô, the God of Magic. On Hayle, the term "Magic" is used broadly. Pure Magic (as used by Wizards, Mages, and Sorcerors) is the manipulation of Arcane power through either natural ability, or other means (such as using enchanted words). Many other spellcasters use different schools of Magic, such as Druids, Necromancers, and Priests (which are, again, broad terms). Magic is stronger and weaker in certain places and in certain people. For example, on the distant planet A-esendirri, Magic is as easy to use as a spoon, whereas on planet Earth, Magic is nonexistant. Allergies to it are rare, but the Gnomish race experiences a fatal allergic reaction to it.

Schools of Magic[]


This is mainstream Magic. Almost anything can be done with this school, though pure arcanists have no specialities whatsoever.


Also known as Nature Magic, Druidism manipulates natural earth, wind, and water to the caster's will, if the sorce of nature is willing to cooperate, which they usually are. It differs from Geomancy, Aeromancy, or Hydromancy in that there must be an existing source of nature (e.g. a tree) for any Druidic spells to be cast. Also, Druidism is not only a school of Magic, it is a philosiphy and a religion.


The specialization of manipulating fire through Arcane methods.


The specialization of manipulating earth through Arcane methods.


The specialization of manipulating air through Arcane methods.


The specialization of manipulating water (and, to a lesser extent, ice) through Arcane methods.


Necromancy is a twofold school. One side is the simple, if rather draining, method of manipulating corpses with telekinetic Arcane Magic. The other is far more abominable, and far more complex. It is the method of enslaving peoples' souls inside their bodies after death, and forcing them to serve. Most Haylese societies look upon Necromancy with horror and rejection.

Shadow Magic

The dark Magics of Shadow are practiced by the Dark Elves, and some Vampires. With this mysterious school, one can manipulate not only blinding shadow, but deadly anti-matter as well.

Healing Magic

The Clerics of Xasû are unparalelled in their ability to heal and cure diseases and poisons. While it is true that this school is not true Magic, it uses the powers of the Life God, so Clerics never tire.

Holy Magic

The God of Benevolence, Ætal, is a mighty ally indeed. His Paladins are among the greatest fighters for good, using both their physical strength and the forces of Holy energy.

Demonic Magic

All Demonic Magic uses ancient Old Demonic words. All spells of this type, when used, corrupts the caster, and weakens their resistance to Demonic control. This truly diabolical school includes spells on soul extraction, torture, and fire creation.