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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

In Chronicle, Altair and Qura's preferred way to travel and sightsee is by riding on a magic carpet, generally a very large one (at least 8x12 feet), soft, with highly intricate designs.

With the aid of magic, the carpet is able to soar into the air with as much as a ton of weight on it, leave and come at their beckoning, and fly in any direction. When the magic carpet flies it readjusts its tilt, such as slanting to the left if they're going right, so that its passengers don't end up falling one way or another. Its edges are also raised up so that the passengers never fall overboard. And if they do, the magic carpet is charmed so that it automatically sets a course to recover the falling passenger. With the advanced magic charming it the magic carpet is pretty much like an organic pet. It is controlled by moving around a tassle attached to any of its corners, much like a joystick. It can reach speeds up to 500 m/s, and accelerates at up to 50 m/s.

The magic carpet is never used by the pair to get anywhere if they are in a hurry.