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Malthe X
By the grace of God, King of Thorway (more)
File:Malthe X.jpg
Reign August 17, 2007 - present
Coronation August 17, 2007
Full name Malthe William Nils Friederich
Born January 20, 1976
Halmerhaven, Thorway
Predecessor Markus VIII
Heir Apparent Crown Princess Bendine
Consort Queen Amy
Issue Crown Princess Bendine, Prince Tristan
Royal House House of Gerthburg
Father King Markus VIII
Mother Queen Sabina

Malthe X (Malthe William Nils Friederich; born January 20 1976) is the King of Thorway. Malthe is the elder son of King Markus VIII and Queen Sabina. He was crowned King after his father died on August 17 2007.

Marriage and Children[]

King Malthe X is married to Amy Green, an American actress, since May 12 2002. He met Amy when he was on a trip to Los Angeles. Their first child, a girl was born in 2003 and named Bendine Sabina Amy Julia, Crown Princess of Thorway.

Their second child, a son, was born in 2007 and named Tristan Malthe Markus Nils (Prince Tristan of Thorway).