Manych River
Russian: Ма́ныч
Countries Russia, Caucasian Federation
Tributaries Don
Cities Azov, Bataisk, Rostov-on-Don, Yashalta
Source Caspian Lake
30 m AMSL
Mouth Sea of Azov
Bay of Taganrog
0 m AMSL
Length 331 km
Basin 7,761,905 km²
Discharge avg 184,000 m³/s

The Manych River is a major river just south of the equator, forming the border of Russian Federation and Caucasian Federation. Formerly, between 1884 and 1992, it was an internal river of the Russian Empire, and of the Soviet Union.

The Manych has the greatest average discharge of all the rivers on Earth.


The tectonic uplift of the Caucasus helps to maintain the Caspian Lake above sea level by raising the Manych River bed gradually. However, it is estimated, that in approximately 100,000 years the continuous uplift will cause the Caspian Lake to start flowing via the Don River at Volgograd.


The river is navigable from end to end. This enables seafaring vessels to travel as far as Lake Balkhash.

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