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The name Marir can refer either collectively to the Seven Realms, or to the Human Realms alone.

The Divine Realm[]

Home of the Great Gods, the lesser human and animal Gods, and the First Plants.

The Immortal/Elemental Realm[]

Home to creatures such as basilisks and griffons, boasting extreme habitats.


The realm of faeries, light elves and dark elves.

The Realm of the Dead[]

The place where the dead of other realms stay once they have died.


The home of Mistress Chaos.

The Great Nothing[]

The place where those who kill themselves before their time are sent - disputedly a lesser part of the Realm of the Dead.

Marir: The Human Realms[]


The six Realms of Ortia are, from North to South, Žiestyl and the Žiest Isles, Tärk, Gul-jör, Pulsyn, Pontyl and Jani. The only sentient inhabitants of Ortia are humans, and, in times gone by, a few nomadic dwarves in the North.


Home to all three sentient races, humans, dwarves and goblins, Ortera is also rumoured to be inhabited by elves too. The realms of Ortera are K'gurrn, Lorwynne, Kalmara and the Great Desert.


The two main Realms of Kamin are Kamina and Kaljun.


Dzana used to refer only to the largest island of this fallen empire, but is now used as a reference to all three islands in the Smarad Ocean. The main Isle of Dzana, built around an enormous volcano, is now commonly called Zvierka; the other two islands are Tsanac and Krava.