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Materia is the fourth planet orbiting Roma, and the only sentient species in the system arose from this planet.

Planetary Features[]


Northern Hemisphere[]

Materia N Hemi Map

The Northern Hemisphere

The northern hemisphere has roughly 60% of the landmass. It has five continents:

  • Bevreizen
  • Nilong
  • Selea
  • Parapi
  • Alotia

Southern Hemisphere[]

The southern hemisphere has 40% of the landmass divided between 2 continents:

  • Pendel
  • Iksel


Materia's atmosphere has a large amount of oxygen (28%) and carbon dioxide (1%). Other major components include nitrogen (67%) and argon (1.9%). This high carbon dioxide amount yields a warm climate.


Materia has distinctive climate bands across its surface. Spanning 15 degrees each and mirroring across the equator, the climate varies from tropical rainforests, deserts, temperate forests, taiga, and finally tundra. The tilt of Materia is such that there is little seasonal change. Much of the Northern Continent is permanently locked in ice and snow. The moons of Materia produce large tides, and many places experience tidal differences of nearly 5 meters.


Materia is orbited by two moons. Both moons are tidally locked, showing the same face towards Materia at all times.


The larger of the two is Yaëh, the morning moon. Its average radium is 1905.3 km, and it is mostly made of rock. The surface is covered in rust, making it appear slightly red. It rises at between 3 and 4 in the morning, and it remains slightly visible throughout the day. It sets around 3 in the afternoon. It has a revolutionary period of 29 days.


The smaller moon is Koëh, the evening moon, with an average radius of 1252.6 km. Koëh is made of ice with a small rocky core. It appears pale blue at night, when it rises shortly after sunset. Koëh sets about an hour after Yaëh rises. It has a revolutionary period of 10 days.