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Mekong Airlines
Callsign MEKONG
founded 1935
Hub Thafilir International Airport
Frequent flyer programme Naga Club
Airportlounge|Member lounge Naga Lounge
Alliance SkyTeam
Subsidiaries Mekong Cargo
Fleet size 191 (+41 orders)
Company slogan "One sky"
Headquarters Thafilir, Lxungion
Key people Kwan Coan (CEO)

MekongAir is the largest airline in Lxungion. It was formed in 1935 mainly for the Spanish government to travel quickly. Its profitability, however, stood still until 1980, when the airline exploded with several new locations. It soon grew to one of Southeast Asia's largest airlines. It is overall a budget airline, and was affected by the 1997 East Asian Financial Crisis. It joined SkyTeam in 2009, and continues to grow. The hedquarters is in Thafilir, and its builing is one of the most recognizable in Thafilir.

The airplanes were formerly white with blue and green stripes to represent the Mekong, but newer aircraft have used a silver body to save money. MekongAir's seaplanes make up approximately half of the fleet. They have been developed to contain as many as thirty passengers.