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This is a list of the members who were elected to the 17th Assembly of Deputies of New Cambria. These ADs were elected at the 2009 general election on 14 March 2009 and first assembled on 1 June 2009.

Compostition of the 17th Assembly[]

Party Seats
Social Democrat 49
  Independence 35
  Eđa Elaho Ohati / EEO 5
Progressive 3
Parti égalité / Equality 2
  Socialist 1
Green 1
  National 1
  Non-Party 3

Government coalition parties are denoted with bullets ( • ).

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ADs by party[]

This is a list of ADs elected to the Assembly in the 2009 general election, sorted by party. Note this table is a record of the 2009 general election results, it is not a record of the current status of the Assembly. The Changes table below records all changes in party affiliation.

Party Name Constituency
  Social Democrat (49) Marcus Antrim Portsmouth
David Auberjonois Bristol-Arvant East
Louis Bastien Arvant South
Roman Berthier Southport Central
Anne-Aline Blandin Stone South
Blake Bodkin St. David's East
Ruben Bord Tain
Barry Borg Bristol-Arvant East
Ronald Bowers St. David's West
Jeremiah Carroll St. George's West
Bryan Claypoole Cape Bangor North
Elizabeth Cornwall St. David's East
Kevin Cross Arvant South
Theodore Crystal Arvant Central
Duane Dechant Avery North-East
Andrew Derry Arvant South
Paul Duncan Islands
Eamonn Dunne Cape Bangor South-East
Damien Dutton Avery West
Quinn Egan Cape Bangor North-East
Rich Ferrer Avery North-East
Thomas Follett Downey
Shane Forman Trinity
Shona Gratton Downey
Rhys Griffith Arvant Central
Glen Hertz St. David's East
Thomas Hudak Southport Central
Dermot Keogh Portsmouth
Conor Kiley Cape Bangor North
Jeremy Kinney St. David's West
Tyler Liss Tain
Kent Newbern Averytown Central
Hal O'Brien St. David's West
Jimmy Oliver Cape Bangor North-East
Bryan Paris St. David's West
Jake Paulsen Arvant Central
Nathaniel Preble St. George's West
Gilbert Revis Southport Central
Fred Slonaker Averytown Central
Greg Southerlyn St. George's South-East
Gene Stackpole Portsmouth
Evan Stano Downey
Daryl Stills Bristol-Arvant East
Yvonne Strait North-West Central
Marius Taillefer Avery West
Devin Thomason Portsmouth
Charlie Touchstone Arvant Central
Elliot Warburton Trinity
Patrick Warson North-West Central
  Independence (35) Luther Blair Cape Bangor South-East
Brett Blake St. George's South
Justin Bonhomme Avery West
Brian Bosley Cape Bangor South-East
Troy Brun Cape Bangor North
Brad Courley Stone North
Tanner Croyle St. George's South East
Brian Du Bois Arvant South
Bertin Duguay Trinity
Owen Dunne Averytown Central
Adam Duval Averytown Central
Reginald Godin Islands
Dean Halloran St. George's South
Edward Heideman Cape Bangor North-East
Fabrice Josse Trinity
Adam Keegan Islands
Ted Kinney St. George's South-East
Tommy Kinsley St. George's West
David Laurent St. George's West
Mark Modlin St. George's South-East
Mark Parkerson Cape Bangor South-East
Corey Paschal St. George's South
William Powers Avery North-East
Kelly Ann Quinn Arvant South
Austin Rainer Stone North
John Reede Stone South
Terrence Reynolds St. George's South
Lily Rickerson Cape Bangor North
Michael Seder Islands
Timothy Shively St. George's South-East
Margaret Watson Stone South
Emily Weaver Cape Bangor North-East
Tom Wolfe St. George's West
Greg Woodlock Cape Bangor North-East
Stan Woody St. David's East
  Eđa Elaho Ohati / EEO (5) Joey Jivho Đor
Ralph Jorhevo Đor
Micah Turho North-West Central
Juliet Vohno Đor
Nicole Warner Tain
  Progressive (3) Carolyn Marsh Southport Central
Aidan O'Down Arvant Central
Mariah Stanton Bristol-Arvant East
  Parti égalité / Equality (2) Elisabeth Lessard Trinity
Louise-Hélène Rabaud Stone North
  Socialist (1) Thomas Keane Southport Central
  Green (1) David McShane Portsmouth
  National (1) Zachary Litton Avery North-East
  Non Party (3) Katrina Evans Đor
Samantha Parkington Avery North-East
Frank Sutter Averytown Central

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