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The City of Mer is the capital of the Empire-Kingdom of Mer.

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City of Mer
Location Mer Island - Mer Plains
Government Empire-Kingdom of Mer
Area 2,023 km²
Population 225,600
Density 11/km²
Ethnic Groups Society
Technology Level Steam powered
Settled Organizations


Northern Districts[]


The religious district, temples, monasteries and worship structures are located here, it also has habitations for the priests, monks and refugees. This district has its own state, ruled by the bishop.

Center Districts[]


The most important district, administrative buildings and foreign embassies are located here.


The higher-class district, it contains educational facilities and the royal family's habitations. Tarula University is located here.

Eastern Districts[]


The industrial district of the city, its where most factories are located.


Mer City's shanty town, the lowest of the inhabited districts, providing home to the low-class (factory workers, farmers, miners and their families).

Western Districts[]


The middle-class (shop owners, businessmen, teachers, police officers, footsoldiers, artists etc.) inhabits this district. Many slaves also inhabit this district.

Highland Harbour[]

The port district, many fishermen and homeless people inhabit this area.

Southern Districts[]


The upper-class district, factory owners, government officers and the richest civilians inhabit here.


The market district, where the Dracul Plaza is located. Many homeless people inhabit the plaza.

Notable Places[]

  • Mer Palace
  • Dracul Plaza
  • Tarula University