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Subtropical highs[]

North Atlantic high exists between Greenland and Northern Europe in summer, and on the east coast of South America in winter.

Eskimo Sea high exists on the coast of Yakutia in summer, and near Greenland in winter.

North Pacific high exists on the Peruvian Basin in summer, and east of Kamchatka in winter.

Philippine high exists north of Australia in summer, and above Philippines in winter, peaking in intensity in autumn and spring.

South Pacific high exists on the Sea of Amundsen in summer, and near New Zealand in winter.

South Atlantic high exists on the Angolan Basin in summer, and on the Weddell Sea in winter.

Tropical waves[]

The most powerful and organized tropical waves come from Africa south of the equator. Other places generating tropical waves are Africa north of the equator, Siberia and Indian subcontinent.

Tropical cyclones[]

North Atlantic hurricanes[]

The North Atlantic, in this sense including Eskimo Sea, most of the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea, along with the freshwater Caspian Sea, is a very active basin for tropical cyclones.

Tropical cyclone names run annually from A to W, without Q, with one extra character; lists are remade for every season. When choosing the 23 names, languages of North Atlantic countries are used as following:

  • 2 English
  • 2 Portuguese
  • 2 Kalaallisut
  • 2 Spanish
  • 1 French
  • 1 Icelandic
  • 1 Dutch
  • 1 German
  • 1 Insular Celtic
  • 1 Finnish
  • 1 Swedish
  • 1 Norwegian or Faroese
  • 1 Bulgarian, Romanian or Ukrainian
  • 1 Yakut or Yukaghir
  • 1 Samoyedic, Sami or Komi
  • 1 Baltic or Estonian
  • 1 Arabic
  • 1 German or Polish
  • 1 Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Basque, Serbian or Scots