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 KDOT/Metro Center-Dalmasca
Metro Center interior
Station statistics
Address 729 Dalmasca Street NW, Koiwai
Green Line
Yellow Line
Orange Line
Connections LBS Koiwai
Levels 2
Platforms 2 side platforms (upper level)
1 island platform (lower subway level)
Tracks 2 upper level, 2 lower level level
Parking none
Bicycle facilities 20 racks and 8 paid lockers
Other information
Opened November 29, 2000
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Code A05 (upper level revenue section)
B01 (lower level)
Z01 (West Side yard MTC section)
Owned by Koiwai Department of Transportation

Preceding station   RTS Koiwai   Following station
toward Defense
Green Line
Orange Line
toward Landover
Terminus Yellow Line

KDOT/Metro Center-Dalmasca, originally named Dalmasca and referred to as Metro Center, is a station on the Green, Orange, and Yellow lines of the RTS Koiwai rapid transit system in Koiwai, and is the hub of the system. It was one of the original RTS Koiwai stations, opening on the original section of the Green Line. It is also the western terminus of the Yellow line. The station is directly underneath the RTS Control Center, and is across the street from the Koiwai Metropolitan Government Building, hence the KDOT/Metro Center portion of the name.

Metro Center is located in downtown Koiwai, under an area roughly extending east–west from Finnley Avenue and East Frontage Avenue Northwest, and north–south from Dalmasca to Metropolitan Streets Northwest. Its entrances are on Dalmasca Street at Finnley, and Takeda Downs, and Takeda Downs at Metropolitan Street, and in the basement shopping complex of the Koiwai Metropolitan Government Building. The station has two street elevators. One is at the Takeda Downs and Dalmasca entrance, the other is in the Metropolitan Government Building entrance.


The upper track level of the station contains side platforms for Green and Orange line trains traveling towards Landover or Southern Avenue and towards Winter Park or Cenmilcom. Yellow line trains traveling towards Reginrauve International Airport or terminating share a center platform on the station's lower level.

Future Expansion[]

With the completion of the Danforth subway portion of the Blue Line to Medical Center completed in 2010, the only large area of the city lacking rapid transit service is the Westside along the Ulei River. The Department of Transportation has proposed extending the Yellow line west along Dalmasca Street, and then north along Ancho Avenue to Winter Park/Ancho. This extension of the Yellow line would coincide with another planned extension, of the Orange Line, from Landover south along the Altamont Highway to the Clover Hill Naval Base. A study is expected to be funded by city government in late August 2010.

Nearby Landmarks[]