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Michael Gordon Walker (b. January 5, 1946, Anaheim, California, United States) was the 8th Governor of Delmago Island, having held the office from January 1, 1998 to January 1, 2008.

Gov Walker

Governor Walker

Born in the United States, Governor Walker came to Georgeland in 1970 at the age of fourteen, and settled at first in Topstad before moving to Delmago Island in 1984. A lawyer, Walker was Solicitor-General of Delmago Island before being appointed Governor in November 1997. He was re-appointed in December 2002, and began his second term on 1 January 2003. In 2007, Governor Walker declared he did not wish to serve a third term from 1 January 2008. He was only the second Governor of his state to serve two full terms. In 2018, following the retirement of Malika Chadhar, Wilson was appointed to a third term as Governor. He is the first person to become Governor of Delmago Island twice.  Governor Walker was often seen wandering around Georgetown without any escort. The Governor of Delmago Island recieves no security and only a small official residence, and Governor Walker is well-known about the island for talking to groups of people in the street. Governor Walker is unmarried.