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The Hon. Michael John Gannett is a Georgeland politician who is the current member of the Georgeland House of Commons for the seat of Hull, based in the city of Huzzah. Gannett was born in May 1955 and served in the United Islands Army from 1974 until 1990, entering as an enlisted recruit and eventually becoming Sergeant. Gannett undertook a legal degree by correspondence during his time in the army, and served overseas in peackeeping roles, notably in Angola and later in Nicaragua as part of Georgeland's contribution to UN missions.


Gannett entered the House of Commons in at the 1997 election. He was elected as a Democrat. Gannett became Special Minister of State in 2002, in Charlton Robards' government, and was promoted into Cabinet as Minister for Agriculture in 2003. In 2004, he was moved to the position of Attorney General. He continued in the position under Zoe Parker.
In September 2005, Gannett resigned as Attorney General after it emerged he had been conducting an extra-marital affair with Dutch ambassador Annemarie Borst. Though legally Borst and Gannett had done nothing wrong, Gannett resigned to avoid embarrassing the government and was replaced by Dr. David Keeler. Gannett remains an MP. In April 2006, Gannett's Security Clearance was reinstated; it had been removed while his role in the scandal was investigated. An investigation conducted jointly by FISIA and the Dutch intelligence service, (MIVD), found no evidence of a security breach.
Gannett is now divorced from his wife, but told reporters in December 2005 he had broken off his relationship with Borst. Gannett has two children from his marriage.