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The Hon. Michael Joseph 'Mick' Pearson (b. April 6, 1951) is a former Chief Minister of Scoita. He took office on March 7, 2004, after his predecessor, Dr. John Sutherland, resigned to take up a position in the federal Senate. Prior to serving as Chief Minister, Pearson was the state's Industry minister. He left office on March 8, 2007, after announcing his candidacy for Governor. On September 7, Pearson failed in his bid to become Governor, losing to Don Mendez.

Mick Pearson
Position 20th Chief Minister of Scoita
Term in office March 7, 2004 - March 8, 2007
Preceded by John Sutherland
Succeeded by Brad Zimmerman
Political party Conservative
Total time in office Incumbent
Born 6th April, 1951
Partner Judith Pearson (since 2000)

Pearson, like most Tory politicians in Scoita, is a Roman Catholic and a member of the hard-right faction of his party. Pearson is one of the more stringently conservative Conservatives, and was acknowledged as the leader of Georgeland's most right-wing government.
In October 2006, Pearson announced he would be a Conservative candidate for Governor of Scoita at the Scoitan gubernatorial election, 2007. Pearson is widely expected to win the nomination.
In February 2007, Pearson announced he would leave the office of Chief Minister on March 8. A leadership election to replace him as Conservative Leader and Chief Minister was be held that morning, elected Brad Zimmerman to replace him. Pearson remained in the legislature until July 17, when he was officially selected as the Conservative candidate for Governor (though under the state's electoral rules his party did not appear on the ballot paper).
Pearson initially led the polls substantially, but his campaign began to struggle after suggestions from several sources, notably a former Pearson staffer, that the former Chief Minister wanted to be Governor for the "perks" of office rather than a desire for public service. This was followed by a series of savage editorials in major newspapers, and a public criticism from former Governor Geoff McGeogh, which caused a sharp drop in his standing. By the time of the election, Pearson had only a 2-point lead against Mendez. On election day, Mendez captured 42% of the vote compared to Pearson's 40. Pearson conceded defeat to Mendez and announced he would leave politics.

Preceded by
John Sutherland
Chief Minister of Scoita
March 7, 2004 -
Succeeded by
Brad Zimmerman