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Microwave laser
Tag(s) Researchable
Purpose(s) Weapon (Energy)
Prerequisite tech(s) High-yield laser
Development time(s)

Project size (A): 1,500,000
Researcher saturation point (N): 10,000
Maximum research speed if C = 1: 300 sec
Enables Maser turret
Laser-induced plasma
Obsoletes High-yield laser
Miscellaneous notes

Microwave lasers are lasers but based on an entirely different portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. They seem particularly reflective off of most types of armor and even shielding. This has been used to attackers' advantage through the concoction of elaborate algorithms that specify in which direction to attack so that the reflected laser's power bounces to other attackers. Because of the complexity of pulling off something such as this, the microwave laser is suited for combat against multiple, preferably frigate-sized vessels (and certainly not strike craft). The more enemy frigates are concentrated in the area, the more likely the microwave laser will be able to hit multiple targets rather than traveling off into space, thereby amplifying damage. Generally, however, it is hard to determine very much ahead of time just which targets a laser beam will hit.