Might and Power is a constructed world, set in immense timeline, thus allowing for experiencing different genres in the same world. Might & Power has slight accent in realism, but also has slight anime feel.

Might and Power is a collaborative shared universe that anyone can edit. What does this mean? It means that you can edit it to add your own new things - countries, cultures, towns, whatever, fix typos, and also use any or all of its content in your own role-playing game or fiction writing. To get you acquainted with the world, please read this page.

Basic information

M&P is a name for a world, very similar to ours (by the way, Might and Power is descriptive term, not kind of name which is used by natives; natives use term Old Countries instead). You will soon find much similarities - for example El Santos, which is very similar to Spain, is situated just on southwest of Breton, which is very similar to France. It's not lack of imagination, it's a kind of guideline for real creator of this world - you, reader of this page. It is sometimes easier to add new town in situation which you know about - you definitely know about Avalon (Great Britain) more, than you do about Gsoo'kxchi or some other kind of weirdness. And when our world will begin to evolve along with you, we'll see, where does this way leads.


For more information, see Outpost Zeus, Old Countries and New Avalon for info on Golden Age, Steel Age and Steam Age of Might&Power, respectively.