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The Hon. Michael George Socic (b. May 7, 1955) is a former Chief Minister of Delmago Island who is formerly the Leader of the Opposition in the Delmago Island legislature. His government was the shortest in the island's history, lasting just three weeks.

Michael Socic
Position 7th Chief Minister of Delmago Island
Term in office March 15, 2004 - April 5, 2004
Preceded by Maryanne Hislop
Succeeded by Daniel Mahoney
Political party Liberal Democrat
Total time in office 21 days
Born 7th May, 1955
Spouse Adriana Socic (married 1971, divorced 1995)

In 2004, the United Islands Labour Party formally collapsed at the federal level. Chief Minister Maryanne Hislop led her government out of the Labour Party three weeks prior to the party's collapse, and her cabinet all sat as Independent legislators. The Conservative leader, Daniel Mahoney, called for a vote of no-confidence in the Hislop government, supported by Socia. Governor Michael Walker dissolved the legislature and called a fresh election. Socic's Liberal Democrats won five seats, as did Mahoney's Conservatives, while Mrs. Hislop and former deputy Jeff Calhoun were elected as Independents. One member of the Georgeland Alliance was also elected. Socic was commissioned to form a government with Hislop and Calhoun's support.
On April 5, the first sitting day of the new parliament, Mahoney moved a no-confidence motion in the government, and was supported by the Georgeland Alliance. With Hislop and Calhoun abstaining, the government was defeated and Mahoney was commissioned as Chief Minister. Socic remained Leader of the Opposition and committed to winning the 2007 election.
After the 2007 election, Socic declared his intention to stand down but resigned as leader on May 15. He was replaced by Jan Walker. Socic remains a member of the legislature.

Preceded by
Daniel Mahoney
Leader of the Delmago Island Opposition
April 5, 2004-May 15, 2007
Succeeded by
Jan Walker
Preceded by
Maryanne Hislop
Chief Minister of Delmago Island
March 15, 2004 - April 5, 2004
Succeeded by
Daniel Mahoney