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Prince of Kleümainne; Duke of Marinne (more)
Spouse Monica von Salza
(m. 1994)
Issue Prince Richard of Kleümainne
Prince Alexander of Kleümainne
Princess Alexandra of Kleümainne
Full name Richard Heinrich Leopold von Kleüm und Pratoix
Titles and styles HRH The Prince of Kleümainne
HRH The Duke of Marinne
HRH The Count of Frontière du Pays
Father King Richard IV
Mother Queen Mary Alexandra
Born January 19, 1973
Orléans Palace, Height Gardens, Kleümainne
Baptism February 2, 1973
Orléans Palace, Height Gardens, Kleümainne
Royal House House of Kleüm

The Prince Richard, Prince of Kleümmaine (Richard Heinrich Leopold von Kleüm und Pratoix; born 19 January 1973) is the eldest of King Richard IV and Mary Alexandra of Mülter of Heigard, making him the heir apparent to the Heigardian throne.

Titles and styles[]

For being the eldest son of the King, Richard has received the titles of Prince of Kleümainne and Duke of Marinne. If he succeeds his father, he will also aquire the title of Count of Frontière du Pays. He said he wants to reign as Richard V, if he succeeds his father Richard IV, but Heinrich VII has been suggested, too.

His full title in English, as heir apparent to the Heigardian throne is:

Prince Richard Heinrich Leopold of the Houses of Kleüm and Pratoix, Prince of Kleümainne, Duke of Marinne, Heir of Frontière du Pays, Lord of Mülter, Lord of the Heigardian Realm and Sovereign of the twenty-two Nobles of the Kingdom, Lord of Crèbourg and Heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Heigard.


Ancestors of Richard, Prince of Kleümainne
Richard, Prince of Kleümainne Father:
Richard IV of Heigard
Paternal Grandfather:
Heinrich VI of Heigard
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Charles VI of Heigard
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Marcia of Vaterlohk
Paternal Grandmother:
Isabella of Braubgallie
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Christian III of Vaterlohk
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Elizabeth of Pax-Hohenmödsch
Mary Alexandra of Mülter
Maternal Grandfather:
Leopold II of Pattnein
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Leopold I of Pattnein
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Grace of Mürberg-Pax-Hohenmödsch
Maternal Grandmother:
María of Parra
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Miguel of Parra-Prinzberg
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Bertha of Parsche