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When Klaus Schulze came to power, he was unhappy with the military organization. He ordered a complete overhaul. The armed forces of all the nations in New Germany were put together, then re-organized into Battalions, consisting of around 1000 men each, with a mixture of Armoured, Infantry, and Support units. Klaus said that this would be the largest formation in the military from this point on. Critics were shocked, but Klaus argued that in these times, guerilla style battles will prevail and armies must be more flexible in order to win. His theory was proven right when a single battalion besieged an entire town of 2000, among them were 1000 fighters armed with RPGs and machine guns in East Poland that was rebeling. The town surrendered after only a few hours of actual fighting and 2 deaths and 8 wounded. The battalion had no casualties. And today, the military has hundreds of battalions (battle groups for the navy, and Wings for the air force) that carry out missions everywhere in the world (kinda).

More precice stuff within battalions[]

Most battalions have 10 different sections. The first is made up of infantry, the second, armoured units, the third, shell artillery, the fourth, rocket artillery, the fifth, Vulcan anti-air, the sixth, SAMs, sections 7-9 are more sections according to the battalion type. The sections, except the command and support section are then split into 10-12 different squads that typically contain 15 soldiers each. Tanks, artillery and such require 3 people to operate, so there are 5 tanks/artillery in each squad. Infantry squads always posses an Reactor v-4 APC manned by 3 people for transport and retreating if they are getting owned.

Complete list of Battalions[]

  • 1st Wolf Battalion
  • 2nd King's Rangers
  • 3rd Volksmen
  • 4th Banner Fighters
  • 5th Steel Gunners
  • 6th Iron Cannons
  • 7th Warlock
  • 8th Eagle Battalion
  • 9th Crusading Poles
  • 10th Quox
  • 11th Fighting Dutch
  • 12th Destructive Germans
  • 13th Lucky Danes