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Miltot can refer to two things:

  • the city of Miltot
  • the Miltot River

Town of Miltot[]

Miltote mesnej
Area 155.4 km²

Miltot is a town in southwestern Sonnok, Ardenjost, at the mouth of Miltot River. It is the judicial center of the region of Milmac.

The municipality is surrounded by Sjonmer Sea, Rediomak and Bejem.

Miltot has an important railway station, near which the Etimmac-Miltot and Miltot-Potronik-Venejtot railways converge with the main railway, Ardenjost-Sjondif.

Miltot River[]

Miltot River
Origin Lake Golsoffejarp
Mouth Miltot, Sjonmer Sea
Basin countries Ardenjost
Length 61 km
Source elevation 121 m
Avg. discharge 200 m³/s
Basin area 20,000 km²

Miltot is a river in the regions of Milmac and Lordmac, in Sonnok, Ardenjost.