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F-25X Starhawk
F-27X Hikari
Starhawk Fighter
Full-Size Model of the Starhawk Advanced Fighter in the State Office for Defence Building
Role Fighter/Interceptor
National origin File:Flag of the East Asian Federation.svg East Asian Federation
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
First flight March 10, 2009
Introduced April 2010
Status Operational
Primary users Federation Air Forces
Vietnamese Liberation Army
Number built 1300
250 ordered
Unit cost ¥268 Million
Developed from Mitsubishi F-2F

The Mitsubishi Starhawk (F-25X) and its space-faring variant, the Mitsubishi Hikari (F-27X), are stealth fighter aircraft developed by the State Office for Defence. The main manufacturing contractor for the fighter program is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Production started in 2008 and the first aircraft entered service in 2010.

Propulsion and Energy[]

The aircraft is propelled chiefly by dual ion thrusters, using anti-gravity to aid in takeoff from short runways, or for vertical takeoffs and landings. This, however, is power intensive, and is used sparingly in critical situations. The aircraft's chief power source is a microMCF tokamak reactor, providing sustainable energy for the aircraft's systems for up to an estimated 75 years.


Starhawk series fighters are outfitted with a special modular weapons system, which allows for quick refit of weapons systems at forward operating bases during combat. Each aircraft is equipped with four slots for the fitting of such modular weapons, which include an particle beam turret, a traditional chain gun, AA-2520 air-to-air missiles, and AS-2046 air-to-surface missiles.

F-27X Hikari variant[]

The Hikari variant uses extensive heat tiling to protect against the extreme temperatures in the case of atmospheric entry or re-entry. The F-27X also carries an onboard bioreactor cell that uses specialized algae to convert carbon dioxide in the cockpit into oxygen, in addition to four gaseous oxygen tanks, which allow for extended space travel if necessary.

F-29X Karasu variant[]

Plans are currently being drawn up for a space-centric variant of the Starhawk series, the F-29X Karasu. The Karasu will be tailored for space combat, using cold hydrogen arcjets to allow for extremely high speed thrusts. Its primary armament, while still undisclosed, is speculated to be several varieties of missiles.