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The Original (1966-2001)

The original Complex in 1995...

World Trade Center 1

Roof Height: 1792 feet (546 Meters)

Tip Height: 2255 feet (686 Meters)

Completed in 1971, The Original One World Trade Center was the Tallest Building in the world until 2001. Originally hated for replacing small businesses, The Tower and it's Twin later became Icons, becoming known as the greatest buildings in the US, and being a Representation of Democracy and Freedom. The Tower was the first Mega-tall Skyscraper in the world.

World Trade Center 2

Roof Height: 1786 feet (544 Meters)

Tip Height: 1816 Feet (553 Meters)

Completed just 2 months after it's twin, The Original Two World Trade Center had the Highest observation Deck in the World, with it's modern equivalent holding the same record years later. also becoming an Icon, similar to its Twin would represent Democracy and Freedom. The South Tower was originally planned to be the one with the Spire on its roof, however, in 1969, the towers swapped.

World Trade Center 3

Roof Height: 1598 feet (442 Meters)

Tip Height: 1804 feet (550 meters)

Completed in 1979, The Original World Trade Center 3, better known as the Sears Tower was built as a separate building, before being incorporated into the World Trade Center in 1982. The Sears Tower, although lesser than the Twin Towers, also became an Icon, representing the Future of Freedom and Hope.

World Trade Center 4

Height: 242 feet (74 Meters)

Also Known as Marriot World Trade Center, World Trade Center 4 was a Hotel at the Base of 1 and 2, advertised for it's location at the base of the World Trade Center. It had over 500 rooms and was a common place tourists would stay in lower Manhattan. The Building was demolished during the Cleanup after 9/11, and rumors have risen that the building will eventually rise again.

World Trade Center 5

World Trade Center 6

World Trade Center 7

Height: 610 feet (186 Meters)

The Old World Trade Center 7 was the only other skyscraper in the complex, as World Trade Centers 6 through 4 and 8 were all midrise buildings. World Trade Center 7 was connected to the World Trade Center Plaza by an overpass above Vesey Street. World Trade Center 7 was the only building to fully collapse on 9/11, due to a Jet Engine hitting an unoccupied section of the building, the fire from the Engine caused the Collapse at 5:30 PM on September 11th, 2001.

World Trade Center 8

The Tragedy (September 11th, 2001)

Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, The United States of America was attacked by Al Qaeda Terrorists. There were 7 planes Hijacked, Two of which would crash into fields, with one hitting the Pentagon and One almost hitting the Empire State Building, Thankfully that one was stopped by All Might... But 3 Hit the World Trade Center buildings. At 8:46 AM, The North Tower was hit, then at 9:03 the South Tower, and then at 9:34 AM, The Sears Tower, also known as Tower 3, was hit... After a combined Effort of Heroes and the FDNY, The Towers, and therefore, most of the people inside, were saved...

However there were still many casualties, mainly from the victims on the planes and in the impact zones at each tower, there was also the casualty of Pro Hero Loudcloud, AKA Oboro Shirakumo, who died when Tower 3 Partially Collapsed...

The New Complex (2011-Present)



After the Tragedy on September 11th, it was clear that the Towers needed to be repaired. Originally, after Pro Hero All Might stopped the Towers for burning, The Towers had to be taken down, as leaking Jet Fuel and Aluminum had damaged the Towers to the point that the Towers couldn't be repaired. So The Towers were taken down, piece by piece, over 1 year.

Owner of the Complex at the time, Larry Silverstein originally wanted to Replace the Twin Towers, Saying in 2002 that it's a way of moving on. However, an Outraged Nation, Determined not to bow down to Al Queda, The People demanded that the Towers go back up. Larry had planned out a complex with a memorial where the Towers were, and buildings surrounding the Memorial, with no Twin Towers in the Plan. Eventually after all the criticism, Larry Silverstein Stepped down from head of the Complex, giving to Garry Yaoyorozu in 2002.

Garry Yaoyorozu knew what the people wanted, and he gave it to them, and then some. He Had a Plan to build the old buildings back, and then Double their height, to guarantee their place as the Tallest Buildings in the World, Garry's Plan included 17 buildings, 15 Skyscrapers, a Theater/ Performing Arts Center, and a Church, alongside a Memorial for the attacks, which included Larry Silverstein's Memorial Pool Idea, alongside flag podiums, trees and a Museum.

This Plan was put into action, and became the Modern Day World Trade Center Complex, which will have buildings in progress until 2030.

World Trade Center 1 (America Tower 1)

World Trade Center 1, also referred to as America Tower 1, is the Tallest Building in the World and alongside the other buildings, is an Icon for the United States of America. Often Considered the Financial Capitol of the US and the World.

WTC 1 was made to house up to 1,500 companies, just like it's Twin. At the Base of it and it's twin is park with fountain pools to commemorate the September 11th attacks of 2001. America Tower 1 has 255 floors, 260 if you include the Ventilation floors and Observation Deck. The Spire on top has an American Flag Mounted to it, the flag is 50 by 80 feet.

At Night, America Towers 1 and 2 will light up in Red, White, and Blue Lights. To symbolize the patriotism they stand for.

Notable companies in Tower 1 include Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, Verizon, and Apple in terms of tech companies, Offices for Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Bank Of America, and many others.

America Tower 1 is also the HQ to the Number 1 Hero, All Might, whose agency is on the 200th to 212th floors.

The Spire on top of Tower 1 acts as a communication tower, and works as a Cellphone tower for a Majority of New York City.

World Trade Center 2 (America Tower 2)

World Trade Center 2, also referred to as America Tower 2, is the 2nd Tallest Building in the World and alongside the other buildings, is an Icon for the United States of America. Often Considered the Financial Capitol of the US and the World.

WTC 2 was made to house up to 1,500 companies, just like it's Twin. At the Base of it and it's twin is park with fountain pools to commemorate the September 11th attacks of 2001. America Tower 2 has 255 floors, 260 if you include the Ventilation floors and Observation Deck. The Roof of WTC 2 Acts a a huge Observation Deck, with there also being AA Guns on top (explanation below).

Notable Companies in Tower 2 include tech companies like, Intel, Dell, Scott Games, Steel Wool, Illumix, and Samsung. Other Companies like The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Bank of America, Maze Bank, and more.

At Night, America Towers 1 and 2 will light up in Red, White, and Blue Lights. To symbolize the patriotism they stand for.

The Anti Aircraft Guns on top of World Trade Center 2 were put in place as a way of preventing a second attempt at a 9/11, The Guns are told to shoot any planes that get lower than 5,000 feet while above or near the Towers. The US Military is also keeping guard around the Towers, with Fighter Jets patrolling the area often. There is also a National Guard Unit placed at the Base of The Towers to protect from ground attacks.

World Trade Center 3 (Willis Tower)

World Trade Center 3, also known as the Sears Tower and Willis Tower, Is the 3rd Tallest Building in the World. It is known for having Multiple Spires on top of it, these are used for a variety of things. WTC 3 Has 225 floors, 230 if you include ventilation floors and observation deck. WTC has it's own Weather Station on it's 224th floor, this has become a secondary HQ for the NWS in recent years.

World Trade Center 3 Houses more government agencies than WTC 1 and 2. Housing the FBI, CIA, Department of Commerce, Agriculture, Education and More. It also has Headquarters in it's lower floors for NYPD, NYFD, and even the Mayor's office, on the 75th floor. However, World Trade Center 3 does still hold Iconic Companies, Such as New York Stock Exchange, DirectTV, Comcast, IBM, Visa, Ebay, and more.

The Building was owned by Sears in the Original building until it was almost destroyed. Until 2009, Sears was set to be the owner of the building, but then Sears went Bankrupt, so it was treated like WTC 1 and WTC 2.

At the Base of World Trade Center 3 is a Mall that people are allowed to shop in, it has over 200 stores, from Taco Bell to Skechers sneaker stores, this mall has everything, even a Walmart. The Mall is open everyday from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and covers the first 4 floors of the Building.

Like World Trade Center 2 and World Trade Center 1, WTC 3 has a national Guard division protecting the building from ground attacks.

World Trade Center 4 (Freedom Tower)

World Trade Center 4, Also Known as, The Freedom Tower is the 4th tallest building in the world (beating The Jeddah Tower) is the only building of the World Trade Center Complex to be Entirely Office Space, (if you exclude Observation Decks...)

WTC 4 was originally designed to replace the original Low-Rise WTC 4 from pre-2001. As The World Trade Center Wanted to Expand. In Fact on the day of September 11th, The Original World Trade Center 6 was set to be demolished to make room for the new building, which was approved about 2 weeks earlier.

WTC 4 has become an Icon of it's own alongside the other buildings, despite being the newest.

World Trade Center 4 Houses Companies such as: Infosys Tech, Conde Nast, Multiple News Stations, Activision, EA, Rockstar Games, Multiple TV Companies, and more.




World Trade Center 5 (Mirror Tower)

World Trade Center 5 or, The Mirror Tower is the 8th tallest building in the world. First designed in 2006, the Building was designed with a slanted, reflective roof, this would re-direct light onto the Plaza Below, giving the plaza a beautiful look.

The Mirror Tower is a mixed use building within the Complex, with a shopping Center at the base, giving it retail status, having some Apartments in its upper floors specifically for Employees of the World Trade Center Complex, alongside office space in the Tower as well, one of the other companies within World Trade Center 5 is HBO, Having a few talk shows recorded in the building, Including but not limited to: Last Week Tonight: With John Oliver and The Not too late show with Elmo (Yes Really).

Mirror Tower was completed in 2017 after construction started in late 2010.




World Trade Center 6 (Economy Tower)

The Economy Tower or World Trade Center 6 is a Retail and Residential Building within the World Trade Center complex. Mostly owned by Network Real-Estate Partners, The Mega-tall is home to over 75,000 people. with there being a Restaurant and a few small shops located on the 12th floor.

The 20,000 Apartments within the Tower were made to be semi-affordable housing right by the World Trade Center, having a Monthly rent of 8,500 USD, It's not cheap, but it is cheaper than many other places. The 45,000 people who live in these apartments love waking up and seeing the other buildings around. World Trade Center 6 also has 2 Large Balconies for Hosting Events, One on the 132nd floor with Grills, gardens, and even a swimming pool, To rent the area for the day you need to live in the building and pay 1,500 Dollars for the day, or only 750$ for 5 hours if available. on the 66th floor is a public Garden Anyone living in the building and family and friends can access for free.

In November 2021, An Addition was made to the Economy Tower that added 4 Spires to it, one on each cornder of the roof, which added 80 feet to the overall height of the tower...

World Trade Center 7 (Diamond Building)

After it's Mysterious Collapse on September 11th, 2001. which was later determined to have been caused by a fire started by a fallen jet Engine that came from the original Tower 2 during the attack. They knew that just like the other buildings, a new 7 World Trade Center is a must, so they put 7 World Trade Center in it's same place and built away.

7 World Trade Center has a lower tenant rate, as the building was made to host smaller and medium-sized businesses instead of large corporations like in the other buildings. & World Trade Center does have Headquarters to Local New York Companies such as: Uraraka Construction Co., Neo-Fazbear Entertainment, Cyberfun tech, and many more smaller sized companies.

7 World Trade Center is also shortest (as of now) Tower in the World Trade Center Complex.

World Trade Center 8 (Shield Building)

World Trade Center 8 was one of the first New Buildings complete in the complex. 8 World Trade Center, like the other buildings, has many companies all share the tower. The Largest of these Companies being Shield Tech, Which has its Headquarters on the 85th to 98th floors.

Other Well Known Companies within the Tower include Capitol Music Group, Visa, FedEx, and Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank is only temporarily within 8 World Trade Center, as World Trade Center 10 is being built for Deutsche Bank.

8 World Trade Center has a shelf-like protrusion from its main build, on this Balcony, as its called, There are concerts and gatherings fairly often.




World Trade Center 9 (Nature's Tower)

World Trade Center 9 AKA Nature's Tower is the Only World Trade Center Building that is Entirely Residential. Costing 12,000 USD on Average per Month, it is very expensive, World Trade Center 9 also has what basically is a Park on its roof.

This Park, given the name Nature's Park, is split into 2 main parts. The Buildings highest roof, the public part of the park. This area is a moderately sized park only open publicly on weekends, The Park is well-known as a place to experience nature 1780 feet in the air.

The Other parts of the Park are the "Shelves" As they're called, these parks are private, with 2 being able to be rented by residents for gatherings. The Others can't be rented but are also just for private Residents to experience a similar feeling to the roof section of the park, but without it being crowded.

The Building has almost 10,000 apartments, and can house up to 50,000 people or maybe even more. Currently about 200 Apartments have been purchased, with 585 people for sure living in the apartments.-

World Trade Center 10 [Under Construction] (Bankers Trust Building) (2024)

World Trade Center 10 will be the only World Trade Center Building to have a Companies name in its title, With Deutsche Bank being that Company.

The Building is a way of repaying the Company Deutsche Bank for The Deutsche Bank Tower Incident of 2009. Where a large chunk of Materials Fell from the Under Construction World Trade Center 2, heavily damaging the Old Deutsche Bank Building. The Building was Later Demolished and World Trade Center 10 was a compromise to help with the Situation.

World Trade Center 10 will be an Office Building when Finished, and in return for The Deutsche Bank Incident of 2009, Deutsche Bank will be the seller to tenants for the building.

No Companies have purchased a Tenant yet for World Trade Center 10

Construction for World Trade Center 10 began in September 2021, with Ground-Breaking Projected to be in December 2021. World Trade Center 10 will be 1492 feet tall.

World Trade Center 11 (No Name given) (Under Construction) (2023)

World Trade Center 11 will be a nearly Identical building to the old World Trade Center 7. Just updated to modern building Codes, and made about 300 feet (91 Meters) taller. The Building will fit a similar role to the modern World Trade Center 7, Being a building in the World Trade Center fit for smaller businesses to call home.

No Companies have bought space in World Trade Center 11 yet.

World Trade Center 11 will also have an bridge connecting it to World Trade Center 2, and this bridge is to be built to also connect the Park at the base of the World Trade Center, With there being a food court planned as well.

World Trade Center 11 only took 1 month from its first proposal to the beginning of its construction, with the site construction beginning in April 2021. With an expected completion of October or November 2023.

World Trade Center 12 (Manhattan Tower)

World Trade Center 12, or Manhattan Tower, is the 7th Tallest Building in the World. Originally Planned to be a separate building by Central Park, World Trade Center 12 was moved to be built as a part of the World Trade Center Complex in mid 2015, with Construction beginning not long after.

The Building is Mixed-Use, having Offices, Apartments, Shops, and more. The Primary Owner of the World Trade Center Complex, Garry Yaoyorozu, Plans to move to the top floor of 12 World Trade Center, once his Daughter Graduates from UA High School.

Companies Such as Comcast, Nickelodeon, and more are within World Trade Center 12.

World Trade Center 12 was built with a design that allowed it to take up little ground space, which was perfect for what World Trade Center 12 needed, so back when it was known as the Nordstrom or Central Park Tower, Garry Yaoyorozu contacted the Architects and companies building the tower, and offered to purchase and/or share the Tower's Ownership in return for it being built with the World Trade Center. The New proposal was then set up, approved, and started construction in early 2016, with the building being completed in July 2020.


World Trade Center 13 (Unity Tower)

With its design recently released in November 2021, The Unity Tower has started Constrcution at 141 Greenwich Street, The Tower's Set Height is to reference the end of the Civil War, hence its name, Unity Tower...

The Tower is set to host a Fire Station at the Base, and has one Company, being the NFL, having Some Office Space within the tower so far...

It was formerly known as the Cyber Tower until it's name was revealed, as younger architects think it looks like a building from a semi-futuristic video game, such as Cyber Punk 2077 or Mirror's Edge.




World Trade Center 14 (Garden Tower)

Revealed in February 2022, 14 World Trade Center is a large Mixed Use Building within the World Trade Center Complex...

The Tower is made up of many Blocks, with small gaps in between for large gardens, hence it's nickname...

The Tower will be about 25% office space, 30% Residential, and 40% Hotel, with the the last 5% being Lobby, Retail, and other facilities...

World Trade Center 14 has an estimated height of 1624 Feet, the height representing the year New York was Founded by the British...






Oculus Transport Hub

Completed in 2016, The Oculus is a Transport Hub that Transport over 2 Million People in and out of the World Trade Center site, The Oculus includes a huge Shopping Mall that spans most of the Eastern Complex.

Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center, (PFAC) Is a Large Theater that will be at the Base of the World Trade Center... It Will be completed in mid-2023.

World Trade Center 15 (to be announced) (2026 to 2032)

As Stated in the Overview, many more buildings are planned for the Complex, The Performing Arts Center Should be completed in 2023. The Design of World Trade Center 15 has not been revealed. Neither have their heights, the entire complex is expected to be done by 2032, if not sooner.