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The Monarchy in Georgeland ceased to exist on July 1, 1929, when Georgeland formally became a Republic. Prior to this date, Georgeland had been a part of the British Empire and had recognised the Sovereign as its head of state since settlement.
Georgeland as an independent nation had only three monarchs: Victoria of England 1891-1901, Edward VII of England 1901-1910, and George V 1910-1929. It should be noted that none of these three were styled King/Queen of Georgeland; the convention of the monarch becoming head of state to a separate nation did not arise until the Statute of Westminster, which was created after Georgeland had already left the Empire.
Prior to independence, Georgeland had also been a colonial monarchy under George III, George IV and William IV. Thus, only six people ever served as monarch of Georgeland.
During the thirty-eight years of Georgeland's status as a British dominion (though that term was never used officially), the monarch was represented by a Governor-General. Only five people, all members of the British aristocracy, held this position.
The monarchy was abolished in Georgeland in 1929, after a majority of voters embraced a republican form of government. It has been noted by historians in recent years that this referendum might not have succeeded if voting had been compulsory; a study of the statistics indicates the majority "yes" vote was helped very strongly by Irish Catholic movements in Scoita and Mainland, and that had more Protestants voted, the referendum result might have been to remain a British possession.
Following the ending of the monarchy's official status, the British royal family continued to be popular in Georgeland, until recently. As late as 1970, 64% of Georgelanders had 'positive impressions' of the Royal Family. This support has diminished in recent years, possibly as a result of the numerous scandals that have embraced the Royals.
Political reforms have become more common in the past twenty years, and in that time a small movement has evolved in Georgeland devoted to the idea of restoring the monarchy. This movement believes political stability is inherent to the British Dominion system and advocates inviting Elizabeth II to become Head of State, maintaining that the system of government in Georgeland would not be affected. This group also maintains that had Georgeland been a monarchy into the 21st century some destablising events, like the 2000 invasion of Corbana by India and the damage to the government caused by Hank Reynolds in 2003, would not have occurred.