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The Throne of Albia has been held by the House of Stanwick since the creation of the kingdom in 1816 from the former Duchy of Albia. Lord Thomas Stanwick, Duke of Albia became the King of Albia upon its advance to kingdom status in 1816 by Imperial Decree from Britannic Emperor Augustus IV, owing to Albia's role in the First World War. The current monarch is King Christopher of Albia, who has reigned since his father's death in 1986. The heir to the throne is Crown Prince Edward of Albia (born 1962) followed by Prince Christopher (born 1989), the eldest son of the Crown Prince.

List of the Monarchs of Albia[]

No. Monarch Portrait Lifespan Reign
5King Thomas King Thomas of Albia1748-18191816-1819
6King Edward I King Edward I of Albia1776-18391819-1839
7King Edward II King Edward II of Albia1802-18471839-1847
8King Andrew King Andrew of Albia1805-18721847-1872
9King John I King John I of Albia1832-19021872-1902
10King John II King John II of Albia1857-19261902-1926
11King William King William of Albia1886-19591926-1959
12King John III King John III of Albia1910-19861959-1986
13King Christopher King Christopher of Albia1937-Present1986-Present