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The mystical rebel Monkey God- Sun Wukong returns to earth in the form of Mao Zedong. He leads Sun Yatsen's People's Army in a Long March to Mongolia. His Godlike strength and intelligence radically shapes the Russian Revolution and 20th century science and technology leading to a World Communist Soviet Republic.

A long period follows the establishment of the World Soviet in which mankind evolves into a cybernetic organism known as New Soviet Man. The collective Mind of New Soviet Man embarks on a quest to liberate the universe.

Monkey Smashes Heaven



  • Jay Lovestone (MSH)
  • William Z. Foster (MSH)
  • J. Edgar Hoover (MSH)
  • Douglas MacArthur (MSH)
  • George Patton (MSH)
  • Dashiell Hammett (MSH)
  • Paul Robeson (MSH)
  • Harry Haywood (MSH)
  • Gus Hall (MSH)
  • Thomas Dixon (MSH)
  • Huey Long (MSH)
  • Hamilton Fish III (MSH)
  • Billy Sunday (MSH)
  • Alexander Mitchell Palmer (MSH)
  • D. W. Griffith (MSH)
  • D. C. Stephenson (MSH)
  • Father Coughlin (MSH)
  • Curtis LeMay (MSH)
  • Charles Lindbergh (MSH)
  • John Foster Dulles (MSH)
  • Joseph McCarthy (MSH)
  • Strom Thurmond (MSH)

  • JFC Fuller (MSH)
  • Winston Churchill (MSH)

  • Erwin Rommel (MSH)
  • Albert Einstein (MSH)
  • Herbert Marcuse (MSH)
  • Karl Liebknecht (MSH)
  • Rosa Luxemburg (MSH)
  • Ernst Thälmann (MSH)
  • Walter Ulbricht (MSH)

  • Mao Zedong (MSH)
  • Lin Biao (MSH)
  • Chen Boda (MSH)
  • Deng Xiaoping (MSH)
  • Kang Sheng (MSH)
  • Zhou Enlai (MSH)
  • Liu Shaoqi (MSH)
  • Ai Siqi (MSH)
  • Sun Yatsen (MSH)
  • Chiang Kaishek (MSH)
  • Zhu De (MSH)
  • Lin Biao (MSH)
  • Peng Dehuai (MSH)
  • Liu Bocheng (MSH)
  • He Long (MSH)
  • Chen Yi (MSH)
  • Luo Ronghuan (MSH)
  • Xu Xiangqian (MSH)
  • Nie Rongzhen (MSH)
  • Ye Jianying (MSH)


  • History (MSH)
  • Rape of Seoul (MSH)
  • Holocaust (MSH)
  • Great Depression (MSH)
  • Great Imperialist War (MSH)
  • Great Internationalist War (MSH)
  • Great Leap Forward (MSH)
  • Socialist Reconstruction (MSH)
  • Global People's War (MSH)
  • Spanish Civil War (MSH)
  • Afghan Civil War (MSH)
  • Global Proletarian Cultural Revolution (MSH)


Philosophy, Theory and Science[]

  • Cybernetics (MSH)
  • Dialectical Logic (MSH)
  • Technology (MSH)
  • MZ-27 (MSH)

Nations and Organizations[]

  • Russian Soviet Republic (MSH)
  • Chinese Soviet Republic (MSH)
  • German Soviet Republic (MSH)
  • Hungarian Soviet Republic (MSH)
  • French Soviet Republic (MSH)
  • United States (MSH)
  • Japanese Empire (MSH)
  • British Empire (MSH)
  • Hebrew Autonomous Florida (MSH)
  • Black Soviet Republic (MSH)
  • Aztland Soviet Republic (MSH)
  • Democratic Republic of America (MSH)
  • People's Republic of Japan (MSH)
  • People's Democracy England (MSH)
  • World Soviet Socialist Republic (MSH)
  • World Soviet Communist Republic (MSH)
  • Communist Party of China (MSH)
  • League of Empires (MSH)
  • American Legion (MSH)
  • Communist International (MSH)
  • Ku Klux Klan (MSH)
  • Settler Party (MSH)
  • Union of Imperialists (MSH)
  • Kaitakusha Tōhōkai (MSH)

Culture, Literature and Art[]

  • Mao Suit (MSH)

Books and Documents[]

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