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Mosquitoes are an animal in the Mini men world.

Phiscal Description[]

Mosquitoes are around the size of a person, and the actually appearance beyond that is rarely recorded. They appear to have a great long spikey mouth like organ comeing out of their head, four eyes, six legs, and at leat one pair of wings. The reason why so little is known for sure about these is that they hide by day, are black, and by the time that someone can see one, they are on top of the person, and they will attack and kill them.


For everything known about mosquitoes, more than a thousand mysteries remain. How they can hide so well is one of them, but most people think they just kill anyone who sees them. Why they are never active by day is another one, with no good answers, and a different theory for each person who studies them. Another major one is how they find people so easily, with the main theories being hitened senses of smell or sight.


Mosquitoe attacks are quite recognizeable, as the victim is torn open from the neck down, and then the heart is pierced. There are many substances in mosquitoe saliva left after an attack, believed to be used to strengthen a person so they don't die right away in an attack. This led to experimentation on it, seeing if a super soldier could be created.