Constructed Worlds Wiki


Tag(s) Capital ship
Purpose(s) Production
General statistics HP: 7,200,000
Max armament(s) 8x Distortionary dagger
12x Ion cannon
3x Phased ion array
Max complement(s) 36x Kinetic drive
5x Gravitic drive
3x Gravitic far drive
2x Full spectrum sensor array
1x Hyperspace ping emitter
1x Waveform bypass module
8x Rapid strikecraft facility OR
4x Cascade strikecraft facility
6x Rapid corvette facility OR
3x Cascade corvette facility
2x Rapid frigate facility OR
1x Cascade frigate facility
1x Researching station
Hangar space for 150 strike craft
Miscellaneous notes

The core of the largest fleets is generally a mothership, with a multitude of construction options for smaller and medium-sized warpcraft. The armaments on the mothership are paltry compared to those of many other vessels, as much of the space is taken up by a researching station hosting up to 10,000 scientists, and their living quarters. Much of the rest of the space is dedicated to the various strikecraft, corvette, and frigate construction facilities.