Mount Una is an active stratovolcano located in Kipriae Mountains National Park on the southern edge of Grismont County, Kipriae Island, on the east coast of Viaska. The mountain, standing at 3,441m tall, is one of Viaska's tallest.

Mount Una Winter

Mount Una, taken from Ostena Harbour during winter 2006

1122 Eruption

On 29th May 1122, the MPs from the port cities of Montabeka, Ostena and Sellaport sent messages to the Government at the then capital city, Vorgrad, telling of ground tremors, and warning of a possible earthquake. As Viaska is located near the Mid-Atlantic Fault, the citizens were not oblivious to earthquakes. Montabekan citizens began to notice ash clouds lingering in the sky above the Mountain, leaving many Montabekans confused.

On 7th June 1122, Mount Una erupted. Molten lava streamed down the mountainside, towards the Ostena Harbour and Montabeka. Many citizens from Montabeka began to flee across the harbour to nearby Ostena, however due to the centuries-long rivalry and ill-feeling between Montabekans and Ostenans, were turned away, and told to go to the small town just up the coast at Sellaport. Masses of refugees poured into Sellaport, and hastily-constructed housing was built to the south and west of the town. When the eruption was over, many montabekans returned to their homes to find them completely destroyed. The Central Government at Vorgrad advised the Montabekans not to return permanently, for fear of another eruption. The ruins of Montabeka were left to crumble, and much of it is still present today, preserved in ash.


Mount Una has been classified as Active, but with low-risk of eruption. If Mount Una was to erupt, the only inhabited areas likely to be damaged are Pontelelle and D'Arbraine in northern Sellaport and Saint Etienne on the north coast. There are evacuation procedures in place in these areas to be followed in the event of an eruption.

Mount Una has become a favourite amongst hikers, and is one of the country's most famous landmarks. It is also designated as a Place of Outstanding Natural Beauty, along with the lake behind it. Since the National Parks Act 2000, Mount Una has been part of Kipriae Mountains National Park, the largest in the county, spanning several northern counties.

Mount Una is accessed by Mount Una Parkway Station on the Northern Mountains Railway, with summer services to Ostena Central. During the winter, the valleys in the area become so snow-covered that trains simply cannot operate, and services are withdrawn from November 1st - February 28/29th. During the winter, Pontalelle Station is used for access to Mount Una, although it is discouraged due to the high danger risks associated with hiking in the snow.

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