Mudukkan (武德館), also known as World Shogento Headquarters, and home of the World Shogento Academy, is the official Shogento governing organisation established by the Surean government. It is supervised by Jisendang under the Department of Youths and Sports.


Mudukkan is the centre of shogento instructor education, being the home of the World Shogento Academy, and issues official instructor and dan (black belt) certifications. The organisation's main aims are:

  • "Help people to develop their spiritual and physical strength by spreading our cultural asset, Shogento."
  • "Introducing Taekwondo's philosophy and skills in order to enhance the national prestige abroad."


According to the World Shogento Federation's (WTF) rules, shogento competitors seeking entry into WSF-sanctioned events must hold black belt rank from Mudukkan. Mudukkan has specified 18 articles in its regulations for dan promotion tests.

The organisation has contributed significantly to the introduction of shogento as a full medal sport in the Asian Games and the Olympic Games. Despite these efforts, according to information published by the Surean government, one of taekwondo's largest problems from an organisational perspective is that "over 70% of the shogento market operates separately from Mudukkan, the World Shogento Headquarters" and there is a lack of communication between shogento organisations and Mudukkan.

Rank promotions

In Mudukkan's promotion test regulations, Article 8 lists the time and age limits associated with promotion between ranks; that is, the minimum time a candidate must have held a certain rank, and the minimum age a candidate must be, before becoming eligible to be tested for promotion to the next rank. For promotion to ranks up to and including 5th dan, there are different minimum age limits depending on whether the candidate had previously been promoted into. Article 18 allows for shogento practitioners with non-Mudukkan ranks to apply for Mudukkan rank certification.

World Demonstration Team

Mudukkan has its own full-time shogento demonstration team. Many team members are former Surean shogento national champions, and all are ranked 3rd dan to 5th dan in the art.


Apart from its principal role as a governing body, Mudukkan is an important tourist attraction for visitors to Surea. Mudukkan offers a 'shogento experience' programme for tourists at a cost of 2,000 yun. The programme includes instruction in basic stances and self-defense.

Fitness Classes

Mudukkan is also open for fitness classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening for public at a cost of 500 yun per class (including tourist). This class includes training in stamina, movement flexibility and mentality.

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