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My First Days in the White House was published in 1931 and laid out Huey Long's plans to create a Settlerist America. Its ideas were not take seriously by most, and the business Republicans who nominated him ignored it. However in the aftermath of the Great Internationalist War and the Holocaust, it is now seen as a chilling warning.

My First Days in the White House

Chapter 1- Wherein a New President Takes Office and Outlines a Program to Share Our Wealth

Chapter 2- Wherein We Arrange to Overhaul and Revive the Nation

Chapter 3- Wherein We Care for the Soul and Body of a Great Nation

Chapter 4- Wherein the New President Encounters the Masters of Finance and Destiny

Chapter 5- Wherein the Masters of Finance are Ours

Chapter 6- Wherein Rebellion Brews and Fades

Chapter 7- Wherein We Inspect the Revived and Greater America

Appendix- Wherein a Digest of the Share Our Wealth Legislation is Contained