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In Mystrae there are 5 seas, each sea is a representation of the 5 natral forces:

  • Fire- the Sea of Volcanoes
  • Ice- the Sea of Glaciers
  • Water- the Tropical Sea
  • Earth- the Sea of Mountains
  • Plant- the Sea of Forests

In the Sea of Volcanoes, or Volcanic Isle, lies a creature so deadly, the even the bravest of heroes dare not challenge it. Its name is Vulkœr.

Vulkœr, and the Great Volcano[]

  • it lives at the bottom of the volcano.
  • the creature can shoot fire from 100 thernaas. (1 thernaa is the Mystraen equivelent of 3 miles.)
  • it has the strength of 100 aunons. (a aunon is the human like creatures that inhabit the isle of volcanoes.)