Mythoearth, which earns it's name for a cross between myth and earth, is a parrel world similer to our own. Yet the difference is this Earth is covered in all manners of creatures. Europe, called Europa, is under human control. In Anatolia, Orcs reign. In Persia, the Sand Trolls rule the land. The world's technolgyical level is in our near futures.

The Great Flash (12 Billion years ago)

The Great Flash (known as the Big Bang *here*) occured 12 billion years ago, occurding to Sun Elven scientests. It made the Universe, the Oververse and the Underverse. Manna flowed through the Verses, and created beings, worlds, stars and galaxies. Roughly 4.5 billion years ago, a planet formed orbiting a yellow star. This world became Mythoearth (known as Terra to it's inhabitants). Years go by, and the planet gains water and a moon. Life came, ever morping. The lands became one continent known as All-Terrra, when the Age of Reptiles reigned. On the plains of Afriyca, a new group came, millions of years later. This group was name humanoids, after the main race, humans. They spread out.