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Kingdom of Nalatia
Regnia la Nalatia
Flag of Nalatia
Anthem: O Nalatia
Location of Nalatia (in green) within Europe
Official languages Nalatian
Other languages French, Italian, Spanish, English
Demonym Nalatian
Government Constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Queen Julia
• First Kingdom established
AD 500
• Constitutional monarchy
• 2010 census
Currency Euro
Time zone Central European Time (UTC+1)
• Summer (DST)
Central European Summer Time (UTC)
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .nt

Nalatia, officially the Kingdom of Nalatia (Nalatian: Regnia la Nalatia), is a constitutional monarchy located west of Italy and south of France. It is composed of the Nalatian Peninsula and three smaller islands surrounding it. Once the center of the Bronic culture, it has been a monarchy for most of its existence. After a series of discussions, it officially adopted its first constitution in 1976, forming a constitutional monarchy. Gilo is its capital and largest city.


See: History of Nalatia


Nalatia is located in southern Europe and comprises the Nalatian Peninsula and several islands, the three largest being Crine, Atro and Davo. Nalatia is mountainous in the north and hilly in the south. Nalatia's capital and largest city, Gilo, is located on the banks of the Il River, which flows south from Lake Rudo.


In recent times, pollution has become a problem in some parts of Nalatia, mostly around Gilo. The Gilo River reached its peak of pollution in 2004, and after this the Anti-Pollution Act of 2005 was signed into effect by Queen Julia. The act limits how much pollution industries can put into the air and has drastically decreased the smog around Gilo.


Nalatia is a constitutional monarchy since 31 December 1976, when the existing absolute monarchy was abolished. The Monarch of the Kingdom of Nalatia, currently Queen Julia, is the head of state. Unlike other constitutional monarchies, Nalatia has no prime minister; the Monarch is the highest power in the land, but is limited by the Constitution.


The Parliament of Nalatia makes decisions, but ultimately the Monarch decides the laws. Parliament is composed of 4 houses and 250 people. Citizens of each of the 25 provinces of Nalatia vote for 10 people from their province to represent them. The 2 houses are the High House and the Low House.


As of the Nalatian census of 2010, the population was 18,344,612.


Nalatia's official language is Nalatian. It is estimated that 15,988,678 of Nalatia's 18,344,612 people speak Nalatian, with 2,002,301 speaking French and another 500,000 speaking Italian. The rest speak Spanish, English or another language.


Nalatia's state religion is the Church of Nalatia, formed in 1915 by King Agro III. However, according to the Constitution of Nalatia, any citizen of Nalatia may practice any religion they wish. 67% of Nalatians are members of the Church of Nalatia, with 15% being described as atheist, 13% Roman Catholic, 4% Other Christian, %1 agnostic, %1 Judaism and <1% other religions.

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