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The assassination of Eric Nance occurred on January 23, 2009. The death by gunshot of Eric Nance, the Mayor of the Georgeland city of Skelton was the first political assassination of its kind in Georgeland's history.


As no arrests have been made and no responsibility has been attributed to Nance's death, the circumstances under which he was targeted remain unknown. However, was widely reported that Nance had recieved an anonymous death threat the previous month, which neither the Mayor nor local police would comment on. No connection has yet been made between that incident and the assassination.

The assassination[]

At approximately 6:15 AM local time, Nance was exiting his house in Skelton when he was shot four times from a white sports car that witnesses reported had been on the street at least since midnight. Witnesses said the car sped past the house and shots were fired at the mayor before the car sped away from the scene. Police have stated the fact that the car had apparently been waiting for Nance to exit his home strongly suggests the murder was premeditated.
Nance was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics and police after a neighbour dialed for emergency services. Other neighbours, hearing the shots, came to the mayor's aide but were unable to stop the bleeding or save his life.


Police are currently investigating the murder and have not announced any leads or suspects. However, given the police statement that the murder was very likely premeditated, police are apparently questioning several people who have written letters to the Mayor's office.
The city and region's Deputy Mayor, Cr. Rebecca Fordham, was sworn in as mayor by a local judge at approximately 7:45 the same morning. The new Mayor's first action was to report the death of Nance to the Council.


No suspects in the murder have yet been announced.