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National Capital Region
—  Federal district  —
National Capital Region in Atlion.png
Map of Atlion with the National Capital Region highlighted
Country Atlion
National Capital Act 1800
 - Board of Executives
 - Regional Assembly List
Elevation 0 - 130 m (0 - 427 ft)
Time zone East Atlion Standard Time (UTC-3)
 - Summer (DST) East Atlion Daylight Time (UTC-2)

The National Capital Region is the federal district of the Republic of Atlion including the Atlionese capital of Luminaire and surrounding urban and rural communities. The term National Capital Region is also used to refer to the Luminaire Metropolitan Area, which extends past the boundaries of the federal district into the neighboring states of Broker, Intima, and Sagesse.

The National Capital Region was defined by the Senate of Atlion's 1800 National Capital Act, defining a federal capital district free of state influence.



The government of the state-level National Capital Region is similar to other state governments, with the exception of the Executive Council. The Executive Council is comprised of the three county executives and two county board chairs of the Region and the Mayor of Luminaire, and the rotating chairman of the council serves as de facto "governor" of the Region.

Administrative Divisions

The National Capital Region is divided into six divisions; five counties and one independent city. Each county government is led by the popularly elected county executive. Broker, Davis, and Kings counties are charter counties, and county laws and budgets are drafted and passed by a locally-elected county council. Portland and Charles county are governed by locally-elected Boards of Commissioners. The chairmen of the boards rotates among the members every four years. The City of Luminaire is governed by the Mayor of Luminaire and the Luminaire Council.



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