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Ivalician National Capitol Building
National Capital Building, Koiwai.jpg
The Northern Front of the National Capitol Building, from Lakeside Plaza
Architectural style Greek Neoclassicism
Town Federal Center, Koiwai
Country Ivalice
Client Randgriz administration
Started July 14, 1626
Architect John Richardson (first Chief Architect)

The National Capitol Building is the meeting place of the National Diet of Ivalice, the legislature of the Federal government of Ivalice. Located in Koiwai, FD, it sits atop Lakeside Hill at the southern end of Lake Fairfield. The north and south sides of the building are referred to as fronts; The south front is used for legislators and their staff, and the north front leads to the Capitol Visitors Center in Lakeside Plaza.


The Capitol Building features a rectangular facade with a raised central section, above a commons area, in the center of two wings, one for each house of the Diet: the west wing for the House of Representatives and the east wing for the Senate. Above each meeting area are viewing chambers where visitors can watch debates on the floor in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Underground tunnels and a private underground railway connect the main Capitol Building with each of the Congressional office buildings and public transport stations in the surrounding complex. All rooms in the Capitol are appended with either a S (for the Senate) or a R (for the House), depending on whether they are east (Senate) or west (House) of the central area.

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