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Skyline Freeway
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Route information
Length: 5.88 mi (9.46 km)
Major junctions
  NR 404 NR 404
NR 4 NR 4
Airport Sign Koiwai Decker Reginrauve International Airport
Highway system
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National Route 104 (abbreviated NR 104) is a short National Route spur that connects the Koiwai Beltway with Koiwai Decker Reginrauve International Airport. The short connector roadway is located in the Ivalician Federal District.

Route description[]

NR 104 begins at the Five Points interchange's southwestern section, at NR 404. After leaving the southwestern section, it enters the southeastern section, which includes a short unsigned spur route, named NR 104A, connecting NR 104 with NR 4 in the northeastern section. After crossing the Delay Creek, the route interchanges Federal District Route 170 (which is the "Airport Loop", called Aviation Boulevard).

The Yellow line of the RTS Koiwai runs in the median of NR 104 for much of its length, then diverges at Aviation Boulevard to serve some of the airport's northwestern parking areas.

The speed limit for NR 104 is 60 miles per hour (97 km/h), with a sudden drop in the speed limit to 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) as the route enters and terminates at the Airport.

NR 104 was completed in 1990 after four years of construction.

Exit List[]

County Location Exit Destinations
Westminster Reginrauve 1 NR 404 NR 404 (Koiwai Beltway) – Edgewood, Altamont NAS
2 NR 4 NR 4 (Koiwai Expressway) – Koiwai, Randgriz City
4 Aviation Boulevard - Services Loop
5 Decker Reginrauve Int'l Airport (end of highway)