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Route information
Existed: 1957 – present
Major junctions
South end: Takeda Downs Avenue Freeway, Koiwai
  NR 404 NR 404
North end: National Route 5, Londinium
Highway system
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National Route 3 (NR 3) is a main highway of the National Route System, paralleling the Atlantic Ocean north to south along Ivalice's western coast from the Ivalician Federal District to Forriedor through the Thealla Mountains. Its northern terminus is at National Route 50 in downtown Londinium, and its southern terminus is Takeda Downs Avenue in uptown Koiwai It is the main commuter gateway into Koiwai from the southwestern Gallia and Forriedor suburbs, and the main freeway into Londinium from south of the Aerelon River.

Route Description[]

Ivalician Federal District[]

National Route 3 begins as the Winter Park Expressway heading westbound from a small expressway portion of Takeda Downs Avenue in north Koiwai. It was planned to continue east through the city along the path of what is now Athalon Street, but its route was truncated in the early planning stages of the National Route System. The freeway portion of Takeda Downs Avenue distributes traffic from the expressway onto downtown streets. Approximately three-fourths of a mile west of Takeda Downs Avenue is the Winter Park Toll Plaza, which collects toll for travelers westbound out of the city. The Red and Orange lines of the RTS Koiwai run elevated directly adjacent to the expressway to Winter Park Transit Mall.

Shortly after passing Winter Park station, NR 3 passes through the Monocacy Toll Plaza, which collects toll for travelers eastbound into the city, and travelers crossing the Monocacy Bridge. Immediately west of the toll plaza, NR 3 interchanges with the Koiwai Beltway along the Ulei River, in a two-level cloverstack interchange. The roadway crosses the Ulei River over the Monocacy Bridge, which is two lanes wide in both directions. After crossing the river, there is a commuter onramp from the Monocacy Gap KARRS station, which is only accessible eastbound from NR 3. After passing through the short and narrow Monocacy Gap through the Ordero Mountains, National Route 2, the Koiwai Bypass, merges with NR 3 northbound, the start of a concurrency running through to Forriedor. Immediately after the merge, NR 3/NR 2 concurrent crosses into Gallia.


For the short stretch in Gallia, National Route 3 is known as Monocacy Parkway, as it travels through the Monocacy Gap portion of Monocacy National Park. There are ten exits from the highway in Gallia, principally around Setsuna, after crossing through the Gap. Several scenic outlooks are placed northwest of Setsuna to give views of the Ordero Mountains. The Frontier Tunnel, the longest tunnel through the Ordero Mountains carries National Route 3 and the Diamond Coast Railroad from Gallia into Forriedor.