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Koiwai Beltway
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Route information
Length: 50.00 mi (80.47 km)
Major junctions
Beltway around Koiwai
  NR 2 NR 2
NR 3 NR 3 near Winter Park, Federal District
NR 4 NR 4 in Reginrauve, Federal District
NR 104 NR 104
FD 100 Altamont Highway
NR 2NR 2
Highway system

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National Route 404 (abbreviated NR 404) is an National Route entirely inside of the Ivalician Federal District, that circles Koiwai and its inner suburbs. NR 404 is widely known as the Koiwai Beltway or simply the Beltway, especially when the context of Koiwai is clear. The circumferential roadway is located in the Ivalician Federal District, passing through Prince George's County, the city of Koiwai, Fairfield County, and Williams County.

National Route 4 intersects the Beltway at its southern-most and eastern-most points to go through Koiwai. Along its southern side, it runs concurrent with the Koiwai Bypass. The eastern intersection between the two and National Route 104 is known as the Five Points Interchange. National Route 404 is twelve lanes long for most of its length, with 16 lanes at the Five Points Interchange and eight lanes at the Ulei River Skyway. The four inside lanes are always used as High-occupancy vehicle lanes.


The "start" of NR 404 is mile marker 0, just south of the Prince Georges County portal of the Sunshine Gates Tunnel, directly after NR 404 diverges from NR 2 westbound. It then proceeds through the Sunshine Gates Tunnel, six two-lane bores forming the Beltway's western crossing of the Ulei River. After exiting the tunnel in Koiwai, the highway proceeds along the Ulei Riverfront, decked over by the Riverfront Park for the majority of its length. Diamond interchanges with city streets are integrated into the decking at regular intervals along this stretch. The interchange with Ivalice Boulevard is an exception, and is a full cloverleaf interchange. In Winter Park, NR 404 has an interchange with National Route 3, after which, it begins to turn east.

Entering Fairfield County, Federal District, interchanges with streets leading into Koiwai, including Takeda Downs Avenue and Elysian Fields Avenue, which becomes Koiwai-Randgriz Pike north of the Beltway. A short access road from the beltway to Central Military Command Headquarters lets DDVS commuters access to complex from the suburbs. The Lake Fairfield Bridge carries NR 404 over Lake Fairfield into Spring Garden, Westminster County, and a curve south towards the Ulei River again.

Exit List[]

County Location Exit Destinations
Koiwai Koiwai 1 NR 2 NR 2 (Koiwai Bypass) – Setsuna, Esther Beach
FD 100 Altamont Highway (FD 100) - Altamont Naval Air Station, Clover Hill
Sheppard Avenue - Landover, Temple Hill
Sunshine Gates Tunnel under Ulei River
3 Riverfront Park
5 FD 2 Ivalice Blvd. (FD 2) - Daley's Crossing, Koiwai
6 Dalmasca Street - Koiwai
7 NR 3 NR 3 (Winter Park Expressway) Toll Eastbound - Setsuna, Koiwai
Fairfield Edgewood 8 Finley Avenue - Davidsonville, Koiwai
9 FD 7 Takeda Downs Ave. (FD 7) - Edgewood, Koiwai
10 FD 223 Cenmilcom Access Road
11 IV 3 Elysian Fields Ave. (IV 3) - Randgriz City, Koiwai
Springwater 13 Springwater Road - Lake Vista, Koiwai}
16 Old Gallia Trail - Randgriz City, Koiwai
Lake Fairfield Bridge
Westminster Spring Garden 20 Athalon Street - Spring Garden, Koiwai
22 Springfield Road - Spring Garden, Koiwai
23 Linkast Road - Suntow, Koiwai
Reginrauve 25 Dalmasca Street - Reginrauve, Koiwai
26 NR 4 NR 4 (Koiwai Expressway) & NR 104 NR 104 (Skyline Freeway) - Randgriz City, Koiwai & D.T. Reginrauve Int'l Airport
28 FD 2 Ivalice Blvd. (FD 2) - Sterling, Koiwai
29 Westminster Parkway - St. Charles
Ulei River Skyway over Ulei River
Alero Uninc 30 NR 2 NR 2 (Koiwai Bypass) – Esther Beach
Prince George's Norton 42 Richard J. Davies Highway - Wilmington, Koiwai
44 Oakland Avenue - National Harbor, Wilmington
47 FD 7 Takeda Downs Ave. (FD 7) - National Harbor, Koiwai
Landover 49 Landover Road - Landover, Temple Hill
50 FD 100 Altamont Highway (FD 100) - Altamont Naval Air Station, Clover Hill