Massoud Barzan
Nechervan Idris Barzani
1st Prime Minister of Kurdistan
Assumed office
January 18, 2008
Personal details
BornSeptember 21, 1966
Barazan, Iraq
Political partyKurdish Democratic Party
ReligionSunni Islam
Nechirvan Barzani is the first and current Prime Minister of Kurdistan, and assumed his position on January 18, 2008, following the independence of Kurdistan from Iraq. Barzani will carry out his six-year term until 2014, where he plan's on running for reelection. He has been a strong supporter of Kurdish independence, since the Iran-Iraq War. He gradually supported it more as the Coalition of the Willing launched an invasion of Iraq in 2003.


Since his election in 2008, and the formation of Kurdistan the same year, Barzani has supported gaining international support and backing from the world, particulary from the Russian Federation. Barzani was also supporter of the Russo-Kurdistan Space Agreement and the Israel-Kurdistan Mutual Defense Pact to protect each other from agressors.

Core Beliefs

Following the independence of Kurdistan in 2008, Barzani was elected unaminously as the 1st Prime Minister of Kurdistan. Barzani is a strong supporter of LGBT rights, but due to his culture, opposes gay marriage. Barzani is against abortion, the death penalty, and the torture methods. Barzani is neutral on the aspects of stem cell research. He supports the use of weapons of mass destruction, but disapproves of radilogical, biological, or chemical weapons. He also supports equal rights, but doesn't believe in criminal rights, foreign interference, and innocent until proven guilty. He personally supports gun rights, self-defense rights, and the First Amendment.

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