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Republic of New Brittany
Capital Paxton
Official Languages English
Government Presidential Republic
President R. J. Smith (since 2000)
Vice President Thomas Apple (since 2007)
Area 552,197 sq km
Population 26,313,725 (2005 est.)
Formation August 05, 1815 (independence from France and the United Kingdom)
September 10, 1945 (establishment of the Republic of New Brittany)
Currency New Brittany Pound (NBP)
GDP (PPP) 2005 estimate
$1.1 trillion (11th)
$30, 000 per capita
Time Zone -2 GMT, -1 GMT (Summer)
Internet TLD .nb

The Republic of New Brittany is an independent country located in the Atlatic Ocean between Europe and North America. It is located on an island which is known for its diverse climate and relatively good crop produce.

New Brittany consists of six states: Paxton, North New Brittany, East New Brittany, West New Brittany, South New Brittany and Queensdale.


New Brittany was used by English settlers from the British Islands in the 13th century to name the country as a new British land.


Previously, it was populated by the now extinct Doma population distantly related to the Inuit. Following more than four hundred years of English settlement, the country started to demand independence, as the population wanted to control the island's own economy. It was briefly controlled by France from 1807 to 1814, and was granted home rule by the United Kingdom in 1815. In 1823, the country became an absolute monarchy, and received complete independence. In 1916 the UK invaded it during the First World War, but soon withdrew and a Federal Republic was established. In 1936, an Empire was declared but was overthrown in 1944 by the United States. Since 1945, the country has been run under a presidential republic (resembling the United States).