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In New Cambria, the 75 members of the House of Assembly of New Cambria are elected from multi-member constituencies using a form of proportional representation called the Single Transferable Vote (STV). There are currently fifteen constituencies, each returning between three and seven members.

Constituency Municipalities County Population Seats
Arvant Central Arvant (part) Arvant 85,299 7
Arvant Docklands Arvant (part) Arvant 61,614 5
Arvant East Arvant (part) Arvant 60,773 5
Arvant Hinterlands Arvant (part) Arvant 60,399 5
Avery All of Avery County except Averytown Avery 42,865 4
Averytown Averytown Avery 49,764 4
Cape Bangor North D'Arcy, St. Sampson, Glamorgan, Douglas Cape Bangor 64,683 5
Cape Bangor South Southport, Brecon, Cullen Cape Bangor 62,170 5
Islands All of Cavit Island and the Outer Islands Cavit Island & Outer Islands 31,043 3
North-West All of North-West County North-West 80,449 7
St. David's All of St. David's County St. David's 62,437 5
St. George's North Portsmouth, Downey and Woodbridge St. George's 74,264 6
St. George's South All of St. George's County not in St. George's North St. George's 85,151 7
Stone All of Stone County Stone 45,565 4
Trinity All of Trinity County Trinity 36,025 3