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New Cambria Post (French: Le Poste de Nouvelle-Cambrie; Hejvat: Lođasejes se Orvehi Đijoro) is the state-owned provider of postal services in New Cambria. The Post provides a universal service to all parts of the country as a member of the Universal Postal Union. Services include: letter post; parcel service; deposit accounts; AccelaPost, a country-wide next-day delivery service; and TerraPost, the international express mail servcice.


Prior to New Cambria's independence from the United Kingdom, postal services were carried out by the General Post Office that was established in 1859. From 1960 to 1987, the Postal Service of New Cambria (PSNC) was the country's provider of postal services. Operating under the Department of Communications, PSNC was for many years the largest department in New Cambria's government, and its employees (most of them postmen) constituted the largest sector of civil service. New Cambria Post, the country's current postal administration, came into being in 1988 when, under the terms of the Communication Services Act 1987, the services of the Department of Communications were divided between two new organizations: New Cambria Post and New Cambria Telecommunications (the latter being renamed CamCom in 1994). Today, New Cambria Post remains one of the largest employers in the country, although it has undergone considerable downsizing.

In 2006, the Executive Council of New Cambria announced the introduction of a postcode system for the country effective in 2009, though The Post was against this system, saying it is unnecessary. The proposed alphanumeric postcodes were met with negative reactions from the public. In 2008, the original roll-out date of 1 July 2009 was postponed for one year, then postponed indefinitely shortly thereafter.


The organization's official name is "New Cambria Post" in English and "Le Poste de Nouvelle-Cambrie" in French. Originally, its Hejvat name was "Postakeze se Orvehi Đijoro." In 2009, an EEO-led initiative in New Cambria's Assembly of Deputies successfully replaced Postakeze, simply the word Post rendered to conform with Hejvat grammar, with Lođasejes, a compound word created from the words Lođahan ("words") and Amasajes ("great distance").