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The 2009 New Cambria presidential election was set to take place on Saturday, 14 March 2009. However, nominations closed at noon on 1 March and the incumbent president, Daniel Burns, who had nominated himself in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, was the only person nominated. Accordingly, he was re-elected to a second six-year term of office without the need to hold an election. This is the second time a president has been returned unopposed, following Harold Stenmark in 1967.

Party Positions[]


The Independence party supported Burns, himself a registered member of the party until 1996, in his bid for reelection.

Social Democrat[]

The Social Democrat party initially intended to field a candidate, and held enough seats in Parliament to officially make a nomination. As the election drew closer, however, SD supported Burns' reelection, intending to focus its efforts on the general election instead.


The National party supported Burns' reelection.

Eđa Elaho Ohati / EEO[]

Novelist, columnist and activist Matthew Đevho was mentioned as a possible EEO candidate by Keva-language magazine Keđekaves. However, the EEO held only five seats in the Parliament at the time, far below the required twenty to nominate a candidate.


The Progressive party supported Burns' reelection.


The Green, at the time allied with the Social Democrats, wished to field a candidate of their own, but were dependent on SD for support. When SD withdrew their search for a candidate and backed Burns, the possibility of a Green nominee was extinguished.

Parti égalité (Equality Party)[]

Parti égalité supported Burns' reelection.


Consumer watchdog and workers' rights activist Eve Abeln, a member of the Socialist Party of New Cambria, was selected by her party to seek a nomination. Since the Socialist Party had no representation in either the Assembly or the Senate at the time, the possibility of being nominated by 20 members of Parliament was virtually non-existent. Abeln approached all thirteen county councils and home-rule municipal councils, as the support of four of them would have earned her a nomination, but none committed. Abeln's only other option was to receive the signatures of 10,000 voters, which she also failed to do.

Independent Candidacy[]

Independent ADs and/or Senators could have nominated an independent candidate, although they would have difficulty securing the support of the necessary twenty ADs and/or Senators. A candidate could have also received the signatures of at least 10,000 voters, or be chosen by four of New Cambria's thirteen county-level councils. Possible candidates included: