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New Earth (officially known as Earon or sol 2) is the 2nd planet from the sun and is the rescue home of the Humans.

Following the destruction of Earth (due to the sun expanding) the Humans escaped to a recently descovered planet called Earon, it took a while but they settled in.

there was more oxygenic bubbles in the air than the old earth which made it a adiquate planet for life

Other Species and the creation of Humanoids

when we (the humans) arrived on the planet there were other species living on it.

The Zorklogs are animals similar to apes but with bigger brains and 2 hearts,

The Zorklogs acsepted are pleed to share there planet as long as they could experement of us once a year

Once they finnished there Experements, they tried to recreate a human but with slight differances.

They Succeded in this and the result was called a Senai

The Senai War and the pollution of Earon
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